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The app that helps with safe driving (CreateML test)

Introduction to the problem
Artificial intelligence and neural networks are really popular lately. I’m also interested in this topic and I work on many projects that use neural networks or machine learning. When I’ve first heard about CreateML I knew it will change things, and we will see more intelligent apps. It is so simple to have great results with this tool that I’m surprised that it’s not in more apps today. Then I thought about testing it. It’s great with simple tasks and it’s really easy to use, but the question is:
Will it work with more complex tasks?
To test it I need more complex tasks, so I need data that is harder to analyze. I’ve decided to work on photos of streets (I’m recording street while driving). Then there are steps that I will take:
Train model to recognize maximum speed signs with CreateML

Train model to recognize maximum speed signs with Turi create and object detection (to compare results)

Train model to decide if car should accelerate or brake (maybe turn left or right) with CreateML

Each model will give different results with different training and testing data, so I’ll differ that too. There will be artificial data, real photos and for testing, I’ll also test it while driving (some mistakes are more important than others, so it’s crucial to test it in real situations).
Results are in % of correct predictions (the more the better)
If not specified number of iterations used is around 1400

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